Full Moon - April 16th/17th, 2022

This is a powerful full moon that will burn away any karmic energy that has been holding us back so we can move through the eclipse portal into a higher timeline. This is the time we dissolve truths, old belief systems, social conditioning, cultural conditioning and childhood conditioning that has been holding us back from becoming our greatest self.

This full moon will also shine its light on what has been hidden all along. This can make many feel uncomfortable as secrets are revealed. If you hear something that triggers you, meditate and sleep on it. You will regret if you allow your emotions to take charge and end up reacting in a way that isn’t really you. Your inner child is just waiting for an opportunity to throw a tantrum and keep you stuck in a lower vibrational timeline.

It’s time to realign with your destiny. It’s time to acknowledge the truth of your situation and where you have given your power away. Doing this is the key that will unlock the door to your blessings. 

This is where dreams can come true.

Shared from Alyonna Angelica



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