Custom Personalized Spell Jars
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Custom Personalized Spell Jars

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Here you can order your personalized custom made spell jar. I can make you a custom spell jar for Good Luck, Money, Abundance, Love, Protection, Anti-Anxiety, Self-Love, Grounding, Emotional Healing, Cleansing, Dreams, Creativity, Wisdom, Courage and more!

-This listing is for one custom spell jar with your choice of intention! Simply send us an email within 48hrs after checkout detailing what you're wanting the spell jar for, Click Here to send email.

- The custom jar is completely handmade at Little Bit O'Magic using the highest quality natural salts, herbs/spices, flowers & crystals. Your custom spell jar is charged to help with the intent that was chosen and will also come with details about what ingredients were used, what they represent, and how to utilize your spell jar. The jars are sealed with colored wax.

-Because these are custom made, no two spell jars will be the same and are completely unique and personal! All of the botanicals, crystals and the color of the wax seal will be based off of the intent that you have chosen!

 - Through the laws of attraction & protection these Spell Jars can add a magickal touch to setting your intentions and make a perfect gift for those you wish well. Spell Jars can be placed in your home or office, according to your needs, and should be used in conjunction with your own spoken or written intentions. Place your Spell Jar outside once a month on the night of the Full Moon to recharge your crystals.   

-Please note: The photos here are for reference only, to give you an idea of what a spell jar is. Your custom spell jar will not look like these specifically.