Click Here for your Personal Tarot Card Reading
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Click Here for your Personal Tarot Card Reading

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Your personal tarot card reading sent to you by email. Tarot Cards have been used for centuries for self-help and guidance from ones higher self and the reader's spirit guides in hopes that they can bring understanding and clarity.

Do you have a specific question you need guidance with or you can ask for a general reading. 

$5 per card 

Bonus with 5 card spread - 1 free addition card = 6 card spread

Once you have selected your choice in number of cards and sent in your payment, please send me an email with your question so I can pull cards for you and email your personal reading directly to you. Click Here to email me. (in the email subject line, please put Personal Tarot Reading)


**Please note- Tarot reading is used by many as a self-guidance tool for personal development and spiritual growth. Tarot Readings are never 100% accurate and should not replace professional medical, legal or business advice. Please remember a tarot reading is subject to interpretation and viewed as a form of entertainment.