Beginner's Guide to Making a Spell Jar

Jar spells have been a magical practice for a very long time. These kinds of spells are great because they are self-contained, discrete, and simple to make. There are many different ways to cast any spell, keep reading for our spell jar method, which you can use as a template for making your own spell jar.


  • Pick your bottle or jar, many people prefer corked options, but any jar or bottle will do. When choosing your jar or bottle, consider your ingredients and where your spell is going to end up. If you are using liquids and oils, you might want to choose a jar or bottle with a wider mouth and a tight lid. If you are going to need to bury or hide your spell, consider an extra small bottle/jar or even a biodegradable one, if it won’t affect the outcome of your spell. Make sure that your jar/bottle is clean and dry before starting.

  • Choose your dry materials. You will want to choose your materials based on your desires. Lean into your magical tradition and personal symbolism as you select herbs, stones, and other materials for your jar/bottle. Think about what you want your spell to do and how to symbolize it with the ingredients you put in the jar.

  • Add wet materials if you want to use them. Wet materials may be incorporated into spell bottles and jars in a number of ways. Honey and vinegar are both common liquid elements in your spell jars/bottles. Other liquid elements may include various types of blessed, spelled or moon waters. As well as alcohol elements such as vodka, whiskey or rum. 

  • Cork or lid the bottle/jar. Make sure it’s on tight. Incant your spell bottle. You can do this with an incantation or just by speaking your desires into or over the bottle/jar. Then seal it up. Seal the bottle/jar with wax by lighting a candle and dripping a generous layer of wax over the cork or lid. 

  • Activate it. There are many ways to activate physical spells. You can use incantations, shaking the bottle/jar, burying it, etc. Or another way to activate a spell, is to fix a small candle to the top of the jar/bottle and let it burn down. (If you’re using a corked bottle, take care not to let your cork catch fire.) 

  • Place your spell jar/bottle on your altar or another place in your house, carry it on you or you can bury it outside.