Tree Agate
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Tree Agate

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Tree Agate: Has been said to enhance the health of house plants when placed on top of the soil. Promotes a peaceful home and environment, while deepening your connection to the Earth, plants, trees and animals.

Tree agate (sometimes referred to as Dendritic Agate) is a wonderful nature stone. Having a deep connection to nature, the Devic Realms, and the Green People of the forest. Tree Agate enhances your rapport with all forms of botany and agriculture. This stone is very useful when wishing to connect to spirits in nature – fairies, sprites, devas, and the green man, just to name a few. 

Tree Agate is an effective Earth and environmental healer. It helps you to feel strong, safe, and secure when going through challenges in life, protecting you against negative energies. It can help understanding of karma during meditation. Use this stone to help you feel planted to the earth, connected to nature, and in touch with the different dimensions on Mother Earth. 

Stone Size - approx. 1.25"