Tarot Journal
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Tarot Journal

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This Tarot Journal is designed for you to easily record your Tarot readings and to help you track your personal insight and spiritual development with the Tarot. This journal is perfect for those that love keeping records of their personal readings and a great asset for anyone wanting to learn tarot by journaling their own readings. Not only does our tarot journal pages make it easy for you to record your readings but we also included a few blank lined pages in the back to jot down some notes! Featuring a glossy cover featuring an original photo of a black cat named Onyx.

Get your tarot journal today

  • Gain insights from the interpretations of your cards
  • Experience personal growth with a journal
  • Track spiritual development through the Tarot card meanings

Each Reading Page Contains:

  • Date
  • Deck
  • Question
  • Card Spread Used
  • Cards Pulled & first impression of each card
  • Interpretation
Happy Tarot Journaling from Little Bit O'Magic.