Blue Agate
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Blue Agate

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Blue agate is a good stone to work with if you frequently strain parts of your body. Using this stone can help keep your attention on what you are doing. If you tend to become angry easily, this stone can remind you that everything is okay at the deepest level. Breathe deeply and allow the blue energy to dissipate the angry red energy from your consciousness. It is also a stone of good fortune and many blessings Use this stone to discover your life's work and fulfil your divine purpose.

With blue agate in hand, set your intentions on balancing your emotions and bringing yourself into a place of calmness. If you have a tendency to be up and down in your emotions, this is one of the stones that can help you maintain that focus. All agates are grounding and the blue energy in this stone will calm any inflamed emotions you may be experiencing. 

Blue agate is useful for gaining insight and clarity. In cases where confusion or distractions exist, this stone can assist in gently guiding your attention back to the matter at hand. Use this stone with children for relieving stress regarding school work or any type of study. It is helpful for children as well as adults with ADD and ADHD.

With its peaceful blue energy, this agate emits calming vibrations. This stone infuses peacefulness into the surrounding area. Use this stone to integrate grounded meditation experiences for children's spiritual activities in the metaphysical realm.

Approx. Size - 1.5"